Shahab Machinery

Shahab Machinery started its work in 1987 by manufacturing machines for plastic industry. After years of experience, This company produce variety of machines according to the needs of plastic industry.

In order to satisfy customers, injection molding machines produced by shahab has a lot of benefits:

- Using of Variable Pump or Frequency-Variable (Inverter) to energy-saving or adjust rotation speed of electric servo in hydraulic pump unit.

Shahab Machine

- Using of newest PLC technology in Iran with large and colorful screen LCD.

- Using of advanced mechanism in designing clamp with methods of hydromechanic, full hydraulic and two platen clamp according to customers order.

Shahab PLC Shahab Accumulator

- Installing accumulator for producing parts with high speed and thin thickness.

- Using of mechanical arm (Robotic) for ease in machine productions.

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Shahab PET Preforms

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